EMBA Student Testimonials

“This has been a really eye opening experience.”

Matthew Steilberg

“That was really cool!  We don’t have anything like that.”

Lauren Kincade

“The most fun aspect has been the excursions.”

Harry Greene, III

“The most fun aspect has been the excursions.”



Matt Harrison

“It really hasn’t resonated with me
until actually being here in China.”

Andrey Dean

“One of my large take-aways is don’t take things at face value.
Really dig a little deeper and understand the inner workings
of a culture and a country that is this large and this diverse.”

Matt Harrison

“I worked with a lot different corporations and other companies,
and they all do business in China.
They’re emailing with people in China.
They’re on the phone occasionally with people in China.
But none of them have ever been here.”

Brady Hassell

“The whole trip entirely from Shenzhen up to Shanghai has been an eye opener.  I’m looking forward to the next couple of days to see what else goes on.”

Nick Williams

“I didn’t know how to feel or what to expect, but it’s been amazing.”

Andrey Dean

“[M.O.M.] is taking us to a lot of unique experiences.”

Cathie France

“The accommodations have been fantastic.”

Harry Greene, III

“[M.O.M.] does a really good job of making sure
we all feel comfortable and we acclimate well to this society.”

Harry Greene, III

“Extraordinary endorsement to M.O.M. and the expertise in which
they have over-delivered to our Executive MBA Students.”

Jana Allen, Associate Director, Executive MBA Program

“It’s a very amazing experience to be immersed in such a unique environment.”

Brad Currin

“In my mind, I have a certain view of China.
That’s kind of been changed quite a bit just by being here.”

Michael Schindler