About us

About Us
(Why M.O.M.)

Once upon a time, we were the Westerners visiting China and exploring how to do business here. Now, our Directors each have over 5 years working experience working in China, and enthusiastically guide incoming foreigners to understand, respect, and assimilate deeper cultural knowledge and tacit business etiquettes.

Experience counts when it comes to quality and efficiency, so M.O.M. pays careful attention to details in precision-planning your every hour on tour. So, for example, our logistics team not only plans meals to efficiently fit into your customized schedules, in between more important agenda, but we also introduce you to the diverse variety of Chinese cuisine, meanwhile being sensitive to your homesick palates craving for comfort food from your country of origin.

We work as your partner to maximize your learning objectives both inside and outside lecture rooms or company visits, and share our TuSenseTM to broaden your students’ minds with some strategic local insights as well as life-changing perspectives.

Our wish is two-fold: First, to take you on an immersion journey that is safe, enlightening, and unforgettable. Second, our higher-level goal is to bridge you toward realizing your China strategy. Since 2010, our operational excellence has been exceeding expectations. Hear what EMBAs say about us.

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