Business & Executive Study Tours

M.O.M. knows B.E.S.T.

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You require an academic component and conversations with industry practitioners.
You seek educational excursions to see the lay of the land and immerse in the culture.
You need a local logistics operator to coordinate and manage all your appointments.

Since 2010, M.O.M. has partnered with Business Schools around the world to custom plan and operate study tours with the kind of care that Executive level MBA Students appreciate.  Our attention to details, precision of time, and quality of service have earned us the reputation of “Best in Class” by Deans and Program Directors.

Let’s face it: both the journey and the destination matter, and we like it smooth and full of meaningful experiences.

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Company Visits including Question & Answer.  Meet with business leaders to see their facility operations and learn local best practices.  Exchange business cards and begin developing a possible new partnership.

University Lectures.  Hear perspectives from renowned academics to discover how similar or different your understanding is from what is taught on the other side of the world.  All knowledge content delivered in English.

Culture & Excursions.  Performances and field trips to see, taste, touch, experience what life is like for locals, either once upon a time or still part of the fabric of today’s society.  Look forward to some culture shock and perhaps some spiritual awakening as part of the adventure.

Comfortable-Luxury Hotels.  Stay in 3-/4-/5-diamond or star-rated accommodations consistent with Western standards (AAA, European Hotelstar Union, World Hotel Rating).  International credit cards (AMEX, MasterCard, Visa) accepted.

Authentic Cuisines.  Eat what locals eat for lunch.  Drink what locals drink at dinner.  Taste the fine dining menu of multiple culinary styles from different geographic regions of their country.

Local Transportation.  Whether by air, land, or sea, get from Point A to B to C altogether on time.  Private charters with on-board navigation system and experienced professional drivers.

VIP Access.  Privately meet the who’s who and get behind-the-scenes exclusive views.  Success starts with identifying opportunities, and the person with whom to negotiate with.

Bilingual Guides.  We speak Chinese and English, natively.  We come from China and the US.  We translate and explain things in ways you are familiar with understanding things.

Market Intelligence.  TuSense InsightsTM informs you about tacit knowledge, on-the-ground statistics, recent trends, cultural savvy, value-system comparisons, and local know-how.

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