China Tours      美国游学团

Executive MBA Study Tours
Academically Rigorous Immersion Programs
Co-organized by Deans, Professors & Executive Educators
for Faculty led Students, Alumni Groups, Innovators & Enterprises

What’s Your China Strategy?

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.”
— John Le Carre


EMBA Student Testimonials

“I worked with a lot different corporations and other companies,
and they all do business in China.
They’re emailing with people in China.
They’re on the phone occasionally with people in China.
But none of them have ever been here.”

Brady Hassell

“The most fun aspect has been the excursions.”



Matt Harrison

M.O.M Knows Best

“We were fortunate enough to find Mind Over Mandarin…
who is truly our partner.”
— Deborah Hewitt, Associate Dean
The College of William & Mary Mason EMBA Program